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  • Are you sick and tired of risking your health by smoking?
  • Do you HATE the smell and taste of cigarettes?
  • Are you FED UP with spending up to €6,000 of your gross earnings per year on your deadly habit?
  • Are cigarettes controlling your life?
  • Do you want to stop placing yourself at a high risk for lung cancer?

Stop Smoking with a combination of Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Natural Herbs for best results in 1 session. NOW ONLY €145

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If you want a PROVEN treatment plan to stop smoking and reclaim your health, then the Stop Smoking Plan is exactly what you’re looking for.
The Stop Smoking Plan combines 3 incredibly effective therapies into 1 powerful quit smoking treatment. Each one is 100% safe and tremendously effective.
Now you can FINALLY break free from this DEADLY addiction and become healthy again. Studies have shown that the most effective treatment plans to stop smoking include a combination of therapies… which is EXACTLY what you get with this breakthrough Stop Smoking Plan
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The 3 therapies that make up the Stop Smoking Plan treatment are as follows:
 Therapy #1: Acupuncture
acupunctureAcupuncture therapy can effectively eliminate the need to smoke by stimulating nerve pathways associated with nicotine cravings. Acupuncture helps the body detoxify and strengthen the lungs. Side effects such as hunger, mood swings, irritability and insomnia are also taken into consideration with this therapy.
As well as a full Acupuncture Treatment, I will also insert small acupuncture beads in key points of your ears (don’t worry, they aren’t uncomfortable), these beads will remain in your ears for up to 2 weeks. These acupuncture beads will stimulate you nerves on an ongoing basis to release your own natural endorphins and antitoxins, making it MUCH easier to hold off cravings naturally!
Acupuncture has an exceptional success rate when it comes to breaking the physical and emotional ties you have to smoking… AND it’s one of the safest and easiest methods there is. In fact, studies have proven that acupuncture can help alleviate the discomfort from nicotine withdrawal! This is just one reason why acupuncture on its own is one of the fastest growing treatment therapies in Europe.

Therapy #2: Hypnotherapy
Smoking is a habit, and habits are controlled by the subconscious mind. Through the hypnotherapy we access the subconscious mind and remove that old unwanted smoking habit. Hypnosis removes those feelings of wanting a cigarette and helps ease those feelings of needing a cigarette.
Hypnosis is a tremendously effective therapy that’s completely safe AND starts working immediately.
Once you complete your hypnotherapy, you’ll be given your very own audio recording of the hypnosis session, so you can continue to replay it over and over again, reinforcing and compounding the positive suggestions, allowing you to stay smoke-free.
You’ll be breathing fresh clean air again and your energy levels will skyrocket thanks to your personalized hypnotherapy recording. Play your recording over and over and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep your smoking cravings away!

Therapy #3: Healing Herbal Supplements
This Stop Smoking Plan treatment includes a two-week supply of all-natural herbs that give you the nicotine replacement therapy you need to quit (similar to Nicorette). This powerful blend of natural herbs is taken daily and helps you beat the difficult first 72 hours of quitting.
Thanks to the natural herbal supplements, you’ll be able to minimize the difficult effects of withdrawal. When you combine these three therapies together, into 1 Holistic Treatment your odds of successfully quitting Smoking are very, very high.
When you combine these 3 Therapies together, into 1 Multi-Disciplined Treatment, your odds of successfully quitting Smoking are very, very high.

Facts about the Stop Smoking Plan

The Stop Smoking Plan will be explained in detail by David, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether it’s the right treatment for you.
To book your Free Assessment, click here to select a suitable appointment time. The Stop Smoking clinic is located in Glanmire, Co. Cork.
I was smoking for 27 years, until I used the Stop Smoking Plan to stop Smoking. Since I quit smoking, I find that I can breathe better, smell and taste my food and I am much healthier. My high blood pressure is gone down and I have a much more positive outlook on life. My kids say ‘thank You’ too. I have also referred several of my friends and clients to David’s Stop Smoking Plan, they have also been successful in giving up the cigarettes.
― John Moriarty, Cork, Smoker for 27 years.
From the first cigarette I smoked, I have spent most of the next 23 years trying to give them up. I tried everything, lasted a few days and went back on them. My brother who went to David’s Stop Smoking Plan and told me about him. On arrival I was nervous but determined to give them up, it was now or never. David explained the process and I told him why I wanted to give them up. We did the Assessment using Acugraph which took 2 minutes (this is the science behind the Acupuncture, results for each organ are shown on a Bar Chart), my lungs were only working at 40% of their capacity and my energy levels were very low. From there, I had an Acupuncture session, a Hypnotherapy session which was recorded, specific to my requests. When leaving, David put Acupuncture beads in my ears, gave me Herbs and a CD so that I could hypnotize myself as often as I wanted. I am now off cigarettes 5 months and never felt better.
― Anna Field, Smoker for 23 years

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